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Our main service is contracting out for specific events at your venue.  Our minimum fee is $400 ($450 for stagecoach or Cinderella Carriage) for up to 2 hours plus mileage of $1.25 per mile, roundtrip, from our location in Lake Stevens to your venue and return.  Additional hours or part of an hour are $75. per.  Any other fees incurred, i.e. ferry tolls, parking etc will be added to the charge.


The mileage charge can be determined by using the map "Driving Directions" below.  Click on Driving Directions, fill in the address of your venue and make sure you use the round trip total mileage.  Multiply those miles by $1.25 and add that total to the service charge above.  If we are using the red covered wagon, Cinderella Carriage or the stagecoach we have to use 2 trucks so the mileage charge will need to be doubled.  All other vehicles will fit in one truck and trailer.


If there are ferry tolls etc please get an estimate of those for the date of your event for a 52' overall length truck and trailer roundtrip.  Again, the amount will have to be doubled if using the Cinderella Carriage, red covered wagon or the stagecoach.


It is up to you to arrange for parking for our rigs and pay any fees associated with it.


The "clock" starts when we are at the appointed time and place and ends when we get back to the horse trailer.


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Driving Directions

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